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Dye Week: July 26 - August 4, 2019

As a part of an upcoming commission I spent 7+ days on Whidbey foraging available plant material and dyeing with it. Initial dye tests included the following plants:

  • dandelion

  • alder cones

  • young nettle

  • old nettle

  • young fern

  • butterfly bush

  • rose petal

  • blackberry

  • yarrow

Not all tests were made into full dye bathes, based either on the weakness of color or similar color to another dye.

Plant matter was added to water and heated, and left to cool overnight to extract as much dye as possible.

Saturday: collect dye-stuffs from property for dye tests. Make small dye tests and left overnight

Sunday: cook up dyes for nettles, alder cones, young ferns. Collecting more plant matter, more dye tests, including blackberry, rose, butterfly bush.

Monday: continue to make and monitor dye bathes

Tuesday: Mordant wool, continue monitoring dye bathes

Wednesday: Dye 1st batch of wool, leaving overnight to saturate

Thursday: Continue to dye wool in batches, rotating for even dye distribution

Friday: Remove wool and hang dry

Saturday: clean, pack, load up dyed wool to take back to Seattle studio.

In total I used 5 dye bathes and dyed approximately 14 skeins of yarn


Young Nettle

Butterfly Bush

Alder Cones

Young Fern


young ferns